The Best Marketing Tactics For 2016

The world is always changing and your marketing tactics should also keep changing constantly to keep pace with the ever evolving world. Here is a list of some marketing tactics that experts think are going to be extremely useful for 2016.


Mobile Optimization

This is already a very important factor and is going to be far bigger in the future as most people these days use their mobile devices including their tablets and smart phones to compare deals, research a product, find a retail outlet as well as make a purchase. The market share of mobile devices when it comes to digital content has already surpassed desktops but it is expected to grow further and as a marketer, you cannot ignore mobile accessibility and optimization in 2016.

Many research studies have indicated that majority of the millennials always keep their phones with them and brands can expect a lot more engagement from the future generation. In fact, it is estimated that the mobile marketing will surpass over $100 billion in spending and more than 50% of all digital spending will be on mobile platform.

Focused Content

Content has always been and will remain the best way to attract and retain customers in the foreseeable future. No marketing strategy can succeed without high-quality content though it can be in the form of long form articles, infographics, high quality videos, social media updates, high-quality images and other such things.

Consumers these days are always looking for better quality content and are willing to engage more with the brands that are known to help consumers by educating them with high-quality content. This is also the reason that native advertising is growing at a fast pace and is expected to keep growing over the next few years.


Other sources of traffic such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and others have become important over the past few years, but as a marketer, you cannot ignore the bucketfuls of traffic delivered by search engines. Marketers are recommended to keep investing in search engine optimization to retain high rankings in the search engines for keywords related to their business. For example, if you work with a Chicago SEO expert, you can expect to be ranked at the top of the searches for your best keywords.

Videos are also increasingly becoming a huge part of the search engine result pages and marketers should keep investing in video content and optimizing the video content for achieving high ranks in the search engine result pages. You should also look for reviews on any SEO company on Yelp to make sure you are working with a trusted company.

Social Media Presence

Business cannot expect to survive these days without adequate social media presence. While it is true that almost all businesses have a social media presence but many businesses do not pay attention to social media as much as they should. It is true that building an online presence on these networks is easy but keeping the audience engaged is the real challenge. Therefore, marketers should focus on increasing engagement rate and keeping their social media profiles updated.

Overall, these are some of the marketing tactics that are expected to dominate 2016. It is recommended to include the above-mentioned marketing tactics in your overall marketing plan to achieve success in 2016.

The state of online advertising in 2016

As a marketer, you should be keeping up with advertising and marketing trends, especially online. Since most business originates online, and some extremely successful businesses are entirely online, you’re missing a massive market if you fail to produce content online.

While you may not have the budget of some of the big players, you can still create content and market yourself.

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